Smart Access Management Service (SAMS)

Moving Smart Wi-Fi Into the Cloud

Smart Access Management (SAM) is a hosted public cloud Wi-Fi service. SAM brings together best-in-class Wi-Fi with cloud computing to simplify the provisioning, management and monetization of public Wi-Fi access.

SAMs combines the components required to run public Wi-Fi access such as WLAN management, authentication server, database server, content control, advertising server and migrates them to the cloud. By doing so, Ruckus simplifies the deployment of public Wi-Fi access and drastically reduces the cost without compromising the features or functionality. Furthermore, with a cloud service, Ruckus has reduced the time it takes to deploy a public Wi-Fi solution and lowers the barrier to entry.


The SAMs Public Wi-Fi Access model includes setup from a trained, authorized Ruckus channel partner, flexible deployment options, the tools to enable easy monetization, plus rich analytics and demographics data. SAMs is a perfect fit for small venues that requires a single Wi-Fi Access Point and can scale to large multi-site deployments that require hundreds of Access Points.