Frequently Asked Questions


What brands of equipment does sell? is an authorized reseller for HP Networking, Aruba Wireless (part of HP) , Ruckus Wireless, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, and Juniper Networks.

In addition, we sell the complete line of Cisco out of channel, new, authorized resell (CAR), and used hardware. We also thrive on supplying EOS (End-of-Service) and EOL (End-of-Life) equipment.

What types of organizations buy hardware from has done business in 100+ countries and on every continent (except Antarctica). With our global perspective we can honestly say that we’ve done business with almost every type of customer imaginable. And, our customers come in all sizes from small and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises and multinationals. Our many thousands of customers use our equipment for anything from mission-critical applications, to disaster recovery applications, testing, sparing and even studying for exams.

Where does's inventory of new and used equipment come from? gets its new equipment for our Authorized Reseller brands directly from their approved distribution sources.

Equipment for our other brands come from a variety of intelligently sourced working environments. This inventory comes from companies with surplus inventories or that are liquidating their assets due to bankruptcy, downsizing, cash flow problems, mergers/acquisitions, equipment upgrades/downgrades. We also buy back equipment from our existing customers; and, we source equipment from a select group of asset recovery specialists.

Can you describe the refurbishment and certification process?

All professionally certified products must pass a rigorous 28-point technical audit, quality test, hardware and internal process upgrade and update inspection. Our exclusive Professional Tech Audit and Certification process includes testing of electronics, connectivity ports, memory configuration, firmware/software and electrical components to ensure performance to “same as new” standards. Our success stems from this intensive process which results in having one of the lowest RMA rates in our industry.

What are 3rd party memory, cables and transceivers? Can they void my warranty?

Products like memory, cables, etc., are products which companies like Cisco, etc., do not manufacture themselves. They are manufactured by companies which these equipment brands authorize, and then sell through distribution channels along with their hardware. When these items are purchased directly from an authorized partner they are considered approved. If you buy these components from anyone else they are considered 3rd party. None of these buying options will void your warranty.