Ways that you can benefit from a Juniper Switch


Most of you are probably using networks that have been put together piece by piece over a period of time. Each piece probably made since to add at the time, and if your network is growing why replace all of your hardware when you can just add new hardware to further expand your network as you go along.

However, increasing numbers of businesses today are discovering this sort of spontaneous network expansion brings more problems the longer it goes on. The more equipment you add the slower your networks seem to go, affecting performance as aging hardware is unable to keep up the demands of new products.

This is a problem Juniper set out to fix with their EX series of switches. A Juniper switch can simplify your network, speed up you operations, and lead to significant cost savings. The following are reasons why you should make you next upgrade a Juniper Switch.

Virtual Chassis Technology

Virtual Chassis Technology, available on most of the EX series models, allows multiple pieces of hardware to act together as a single device with a single control point. This vastly improves their response time. This is perfect for streamlining and simplifying administrative tasks.

Performance at Scale

No matter how large your network grows, or how many different types of devices connect your network grows with you. Centralized administration and smart coordination between machines on the network means that adding new devices adds to the capability of the network. Regardless of how many users are connected, latency and transmission speeds are virtually unaffected.

No single points of failure

Redundancy is another important aspect of a modern network geared towards expandability. Because Juniper switches are able to intelligently coordinate packet transfer, there’s no single point of failure that could shut down parts or your entire network. The failure of a single piece of equipment will be accounted for, with packets routed around it, ensuring non-stop service in your mission-critical applications.

Support BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a major factor in modern networking. Employees prefer working on their own tablets and smartphones when possible, and allowing them to use the devices they’re familiar with boosts productivity. In recognition of this, Juniper distributes security management across the network, as well as enforcing security policies at the application level, ensuring these BYOD devices do not become a security hazard.

Lower TCO

What this all adds up to is lower total cost of ownership for your network. Less hardware is needed, as the hardware you have will get used more efficiently. Your employees will experience less downtime as well as being able to use the devices they’re most comfortable with.

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